Nancy’s picts

Sarah's velvet bag

Sarah’s velvet bag with a handwoven and jewelry embellishment

Sharon's lace bag

Sharon’s delicate bag was made from woven leno lace embellished with lace and satin flowers.

Patty's machine embroidered clutch

Patty, our newest member, created a tiny clutch decorated with embroidered lines.

Michelle's four little bags

Michelle made a bench cover and these four lovely little bags, one of which is illusion knitting.

Linda's knitted pouch

Linda’s knitted pouch is embellished with pompoms and beading.

Laura's spinning wheel tool pouch

Laura’s knitted and embroidered pouch is for her spinning wheel tools.

Jackie's little woven bags

Jackie’s spectacular little bags woven on a Structo loom.

Helen's Japanese inspired clutch

Helen’s clutch was inspired by a Japanese design.

Barbara's knitting yarn bag

Barbara made a knitting-yarn bag so she can knit as she walks.

Anne's knitted pouch

Anne embellished her dainty knitted pouch with ribbon and beadwork.

2017 group shot of our members.

Members enjoyed another a great get-together at this year’s Rock Day celebration.