What’s next!

November 21, 2017

A Note from Linda

Project Planning

Ball Gardens Visitors Center on Sandhills Community College's CampusLet’s look at planning a weaving project! We’ll review the steps, the decisions and the math that has to be done. We’ll talk about resources that can help with planning. We’ll review several projects from beginning to end and learn some tips to make the process as painless as possible. If you have some yarn and a project idea, bring them and we’ll work with these to get you started. If you haven’t planned your guild challenge project, this would be a good way to get started!

October 17, 2017

There has been a suggestion from some of our members that our Guild should adopt a set of bylaws. Therefore, our October meeting will be devoted to coming up with bylaws, modeled on those of other guilds.

This is an important pivotal meeting. Do come, if at all possible and have your say on our need for bylaws and what they should cover.

September 19, 2017

From Jackie

Ball Gardens Visitors Center on Sandhills Community College's Campus

In preparation for our Saori Workshop, Jackie will demonstrate how she warps her table loom from front to back. She will bring her warp on the warping board, chain it off, pre-sley the reed, wind on using lease sticks and finally threading. She will also try to have a handout for the members.

This classic method of dressing a loom will be helpful to everyone and especially to those new weavers who have joined the group recently.

Jackie will also be providing snacks for the group.

August 15, 2017

From Teri and Linda

Barbara, gone but not forgotten

Barbara, an integral part of our Guild.

Hi all!

Our meeting on Tuesday, August 15, will start at 6:30 p.m. at Nancy’s home. When you enter her driveway, keep bearing right.

This month we will have a sale of items donated by Barbara and her husband, Brian. She wanted our guild to have her fiber “stuff.” So Brian has passed it along to us. There are numerous small weaving tools, from shuttles to weaving needles. There is also some yarn, in a wide variety of fibers and sizes.

Barbara was such an integral part of the guild, a real treasure. So her stuff becomes treasure for all who purchase something. We have discussed several options for using the proceeds from this sale. It will ultimately be used for educational purposes since Barbara was a life-long learner who loved to learn new techniques & skills and share them with us. This will honor her generous spirit.

You can purchase items with cash or check. Teri will get some petty cash from our guild account so that we can make change more easily.

Refreshments will be provided by Betty Weidaw.
Hope to see you all then.
Teri and Linda

May 16.  2017

From Teri

Ball Gardens Visitors Center on Sandhills Community College's CampusOur May meeting will be held on Tuesday evening.  I would love for everyone to come as early as possible so that we could have our business meeting and be finished by 7 pm.  We will be making macramé snowflakes and it will take every bit of our time to finish by 9 pm.  I will be providing all of the supplies that you will need.

Refreshments this month will be provided by Louella–always a treat!  The “new” refreshment sign-up sheet that was passed around during the February meeting has not been found as far as I can tell.  If anyone has located it, please bring a copy to the meeting.  Otherwise, we will start over with another sign-up sheet for the next twelve months.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday,

April 18, 2017

Ball Gardens Visitors Center on Sandhills Community College's Campus

We meet at Ball Gardens Visitors Center at Sandhills Community College.

Betty is one of our incredibly talented craft people. Her presentation will be about recycling yarn from old sweaters and redesigning some we might wish fitted a little better. You could even use the yarn to restyle one that had laid dormant in the back of your drawer for ages.

March 21, 2017

It’s March–that means it’s Swap Meet time. Do you remember last year when Linda and Jackie organized the silent auction of Georgie’s weaving equipment? Wow! that was spectacular.

So now’s the time to go through your stash, thin it out, bring it to our Swap Meet and make some extra money to do…. what?  Get more yarn, of course!

We buy, sell and barter; but most of all we have a good time and go home happy.

Please bring in “show and tell” items and/or any problem items that you have questions or concerns about in order to help you complete your project.
Dues for the 2017 year can be paid at this time also.  Our annual fee is only $10.00 and your check should be made payable to:  Sandhills Handweavers Guild.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at this once-a-year fun event.

 February 21, 2017

Patty, the newest member of our Guild, has stepped up to the plate and volunteered to lead us through a program about embellishing fabric. She will be referencing Anita Mayer’s DVD on embellishment, a great source of inspiration for all fiber artists.

Here comes the list of stuff you will need to bring with you:

1) Material, handwoven or commercial

2) Beads or Buttons

3) Needles, thread and scissors

4) A tapestry needle and different colored yarns to match your material and beads

5) Yarn and a crochet hook

6) Plastic rings, about 1″ in diameter, like the ones you use for hanging café curtains. If you are having trouble finding the 1″ plastic rings, don’t worry Patty will be at JoAnn’s this week and will pick up some extras.

7) Any other items that might be used for embellishing fabric.

This should be a really fun meeting–who doesn’t love to add a little glitz and sparkle to life? And it will tie in perfectly to our challenge for this year which is to jazz up something in your wardrobe. So if you are looking for good ideas to feed your creativity, plan to join us at our February meeting.