Equipment for Sale

This page has been included as a convenience for those of us who, from time to time, must part with some of our treasured craft equipment or are in need of something special. Please email your list and include your name address and email to Your post will appear below.

Name: Kathleen Jolly

A note from Kathleen:  Please contact me at the email address below.

Delivery options for all products: Pick up in Sanford, NC preferred.


Great wheel (2) (fixed)

Item:  Great Wheel – Antique $125

Description: Can use for spinning with very little work

Great wheel (fixed)

Spinning wheel (2) (fixed)

Spinning wheel (1) (fixed)

Item:  Spinning Wheel – Walter Kircher $150

Description:  Has a large orifice so

you can spin bulky or fine yarn

Compact and easy to use.

Lazy Kate (fixed)

Item:  Lazy Kate – $15

Drop Spindles (fixed)

Item:  Drop Spindles – wood $5 each

Support Spindle (fixed)

Item:  Support Spindle – brass $10

Swift squirrel cage (fixed)

Item:  Swift – Squirrel Cage or Barrel Swift $125

Description:  Free standing, made of oak with adjustable slot of 37 ½ inches.

Total height of swift is 57 ½ inches

Made by JL Hammett Co.

Glimakra Swift (fixed)

Item:  Glimakra Swift – $30

Description:  20 inch height. Clamps to a table or loom

Item:  Yarn Winder by Royal – $20

Yarn winder (fixed)

Item:  Circular needle set – interchangeable, missing #3 – $10Circular Needle set (fixed)

Lillstina tabletop loom (fixed) (2)

Item:  Lillstina Tabletop Loom or Floor loom – 4 Harness -$195

Description:  This very sweet loom can be used as a tabletop loom with levers

or with the kit, as a counter-balance floor loom with 6 treadles

29 inches weaving width, string heddles with a rocker beater bar

Large shed. Includes 28 inch, 6 dent reed

Item:  Lillstina Floor Loom – 4 Harness – $500Lillstina Floor Loom (fixed)

Description:  Counterbalance loom, 40 inch weaving width

with string heddles and 6 Treadles.

Large shed. Includes a 39.5 inch, 12 dent reed

Rocking beater bar

Folds up with or without warp to 25 inch width

Item:  Boat Shuttle – Leclerc, plastic, holds a 4” bobbin – $10

Boat Shuttle (fixed)

warping board (fixed)

Item:  Warping Board – 13 yards – $30

Inkle Loom (fixed)

Item:  Morgan Inkle Loom – $35

Description:  Original box and instructions

Weaves 12” wide and up to 76” in length

Can be use for bands, scarves, placemats, etc.

Posted 6/28/21

A few things to remember:

  • This service is for equipment, not handmade items. There are several sites that you can subscribe to in order to sell your craft work, some of which are listed on the Links page.
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