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This page has been included as a convenience for those of us who, from time to time, must part with some of our treasured craft equipment or are in need of something special. Please click on the Item for Sale form and “submit” it. Your post will appear below.

WANTED:  A small, portable, four-harness floor loom, suitable for workshops. Please contact Sarah at

Posted 4/20/2015

Name: Devon Kuhrau


Item: 36″ LeClerc Loom 4 shaft 6 treadle

Cost: $500

Delivery Options: Pick up from seller

Purchased in a dilapidated condition and restored to functionality.
New 36″ 12 dent stainless steel reed
New brake spring
New eye hooks
New 100 heddles, about 200 old ones
Custom made castle top
New reed hook
Restored hardware. Removed rust and calcification with overnight vinegar baths and lots of scrubbing.
Needs a cloth apron and new tie on rods.

Posted 6/19/2017

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